Automotive manufacturing has always been a huge industry, but with the introduction of Tesla, the company has captured the imagination of a new generation of buyers.

Tesla’s new Model S sedan was released earlier this year and is already the best-selling vehicle in North America and the world, with sales hitting $1.8 billion in just a few weeks.

This year alone, sales have surpassed the $1 billion mark.

Tesla is a huge part of the story and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The key is Tesla’s marketing strategy.

The company does a great job of using social media and its own blog to promote its vehicles.

This has helped it build a loyal following, which is why it has been able to break the $200 million mark in revenue.

It’s also why Tesla is the top-selling car brand in North and South America.

This is where Tesla’s brand has its greatest potential to grow.

It also helps that Tesla is able to drive a higher profit margin in the short-term.

The brand is now worth $400 million in a single quarter, and this comes despite its large production capacity and cost structure.

This can help Tesla grow its market share over time.

As a result, Tesla’s profits are on the rise, and it’s making a lot of money for its shareholders.

In fact, the brand is worth more than $10 billion today.

However, Tesla is also making money on other parts of its business, like advertising and its electric vehicle charging stations.

This makes sense since these businesses are very important to the brand’s long-term success.