Quincy Market is set to be transformed into an online marketplace for influencer marketing after it secured a contract with eCommerce company eCommerce-Hub.

The market, which was set up in January 2016, was initially aimed at selling clothes but has since expanded into a marketplace that allows businesses to sell merchandise online and to sell direct to customers.

The marketplace currently offers more than 300 products from brands such as Cappuccino, Lululemon, Gucci, Banana Republic, and Nike.

Quincys market is expected to grow to more than 400 items per day and is currently attracting up to 150,000 visits a day, according to the website.

Quincy markets goal is to create a platform where brands can sell directly to consumers.

It also plans to open a second location in London to allow more local brands to be showcased, and also plans on launching a third location in San Francisco.

According to Quincies website, the company aims to raise $25 million to expand the platform and create a business model that makes it viable.

The company hopes to open its first retail outlet in 2018 and will focus on a number of other retail channels including online shopping, travel, and advertising. 

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