If you want to market yourself to influencers in Chinese markets, you’ll need a C-tier ad agency, but the process can be tricky.

C-tiers are ad agencies that earn a certain amount of revenue per impression for their clients based on how long they spend in a market and how many leads they produce.

But because they earn revenue for their ads, C-to-C agencies can’t charge an extra fee for each impression they generate.

C to C agencies don’t have to adhere to the same set of rules as ad agencies, but they can charge a fee for an impression that exceeds the amount they earn for each ad impression they make.

For example, an agency that makes more than $200,000 a year in C-level revenue per market can charge an ad agency that earns $1,000 per impression to generate $1.50 in revenue for them.

C tier agencies also typically don’t need to pay for retargeting and social shares, but can charge for them if they choose. 

The easiest way to make an impression with an C-Tester is to get their name in the first five Google searches for a certain keyword.

Google searches can be very biased in favor of C-type advertising, so be sure to look for the words that have the highest search volume for that keyword in your keyword bar. 

For example, a brand that’s worth $1 million in revenue in China could be in the top 10 for keywords like “fitness.”

This can help you reach potential clients with a positive profile, but it also means that C-types can get a much better price for their services. 

If you can find a reputable agency, you can spend a few hours looking through their profile to see what the agency’s top search keywords are for the keyword you’re targeting.

The agency’s name will likely be listed on their profile, so it’s easy to see how they stack up against the C-top agencies.

Once you’ve found the C tier agency that you like, you need to get in touch with them and ask for their email address and contact information.

Once your C-agency contacts have been confirmed, you should be able to start communicating with them about the potential value of your ad. 

C to C agency contact info:  Email: [email protected]  Phone: 1-866-879-6227