The Apple market cap is currently at $US1.35 trillion and has seen a steady increase in the past few years.

The latest update from the Australian Stock Exchange suggests that the company is set to pass the $US3 trillion mark this year.

However, the number of shares listed on the exchange has fallen significantly in recent months and the average price per share on the Australian market has dropped from around $US10 to just over $US9.

As a result, Apple’s market cap may have peaked.

This week, analysts from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch have estimated that the market cap of the company has reached $US2.6 trillion.

This compares with a peak of around $2.5 trillion in November, when it was reported that the Apple share market cap was valued at around $1.6 billion.

Apple has now moved into the $3 trillion market cap bracket, and is expected to be the next major technology company to cross the $4 trillion mark.

However this may be just a temporary plateau in the rise of the tech giant.

Apple’s stock has risen by around 30 per cent in the last two months, and analysts expect the market capitalisation of the Apple brand to reach $US4 trillion in the next few years, according to data from Bank of Melbourne.

The rise in the stock price is a result of Apple’s recent acquisitions of Beats Music, which is expected soon to include Apple Pay, and Beats Electronics, which recently announced it will invest $1 billion in its retail network.

In the US, Apple has already overtaken the market leader in terms of revenue with sales of $US8.6bn in the first half of this year, according the Wall Street Journal.

Apple will have to continue its rise in revenue growth, but analysts are predicting that it will remain a significant player in the global tech market.

What is Apple worth?

Apple currently holds around 40 per cent of the global smartphone market.

It has the second largest market share in terms (after Google) of smartphone owners worldwide.

It also has the third largest market capitalization of all technology companies.

Apple sells a range of devices, including iPhones, Mac computers, iPods, iPads, Mac mini, and the iPhone.

In 2016, Apple sold around 5.5 billion iPhones worldwide, accounting for over one-third of the world’s total smartphone sales.

The company’s stock is currently trading around $AUD5.50.